Sunday, 9 June 2013

Four Rooms - Four Drawings

Back on our TV screens, running for a few weeks in a daytime slot before returning to prime time last Friday is Channel 4 curio Four Rooms.

With the premise being that a number of misguided individuals make their way to mysterious converted warehouse in the attempt to extract cash from some obscenely rich dealers for their goods. With the oddities on offer ranging from possible art masterworks, historical artifacts, new art, antiques and random cultural iconography and paraphernalia as well as a fair amount of old tat.

As you can imagine, it's one of my favourite shows and has inspired these Four Drawings for Four Rooms.

1. The punter gets, greedy and pushes his price (and his luck) into the stratosphere. These ones are great and regularly go home with nothing other than a bruised ego.

 2. Business woman, dealer, interior designer, property developer Celia Sawyer raises her hands to her face, aghast at the brazen cheek of one sellers unrealistic expections.

3. New dealer this season (along with Harry Hill and Nick Cotton) is the Soprano suited Maurice Amdur, a succesful dealer and 'Maverick Businessman' (Channel 4's words, not mine).

4. Returning again is gallery owner and dealer Gordon Watson, who loves to rub it in about his A-list clientelle, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger....oh, and Tom Cruise.

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